If you have questions, we have answers

  • Absolutely, Rent The Help carries a general liability policy and workers compensation policy. Rent The Help also offers a limited reimbursement in the event any furniture is damaging during your move.

  • Since Rent The Help is a labor only provider, we do not provide moving trucks. Before booking your rental; give us a call and we will be happy to help answer any questions about the type of truck to rent.

  • Rent The Help does not provide any type of equipment. While dollies are not typically needed, Rent The Help does require an appliance dollie is on site whenever appliances need to be moved.  Additionally, Rent The Help recommends renting one moving blanket for each piece of furniture.

  • Rent The Help is able to handle moves and projects of all sizes. Depending on the size of your move/project, Rent The Help will make recommendations on number of helpers and man hours needed.

  • Rent The Help is able to ASSIST you with packing and pre-move preparation but only in a secondary role. We do not provide packing materials and are not responsible for damage to packed boxes.

  • Rent The Help does not provide tools, but can surely help if tools and instructions are provided.

  • You will only be billed for the hours worked by your helpers. For example, if you book 5 hours and your team finished in 3 hours that is all you will be billed.
    ****Rent The Help has a 2 hour minimum

  • In some cases Rent The Help is able to offer next day scheduling but this can not be guaranteed. We recommend booking at least 1 week in advance. During summer months 10-14 days is a safer bet.

  • When calling Rent The Help we ask that you answer all questions thoroughly and honestly. Since we do not provide on site estimates, we schedule based on the information you provide.  If all information is provided, we are able to provide an accurate estimate. In most cases we will overbook to ensure your team is committed for enough time. 

  • Please call our office ASAP once you find out you need to reschedule.

  • If services are cancelled within 24 hours of the service date, the Customer will be billed for the first hour of labor. Rent The Help also charges a non-refundable deposit on jobs larger than 12 man hours.

  • Rent The Help has a 2 hour minimum for all jobs. Call our office if you have questions.

  • Rent The Help accepts cash, check, & all major credit cards.

  • Unfortunately, Rent The Help employees are not authorized to drive customer vehicles or rental trucks.

  • To ensure that we are available for the duration of your move, booking enough time is encouraged. Please be sure to provide your representation with as much information as you can when booking.  In many cases, we will recommend additional helpers to ensure the job is completed in the allocated amount of time.

  • Of course! Tip amounts vary but typically range from 5-25% of the total, per helper.

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