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Who is RTH? A brand that our customers can count on.

Whether you are moving into a new home or looking to have someone help you rearrange furniture in your  office, we understand you have a lot of options. When searching for a company to help you, it’s critical that you hire a company that puts their customers first.  Since opening in 2012, Rent The Help has worked to create a brand that our customers can count on.

Precise Arrival Times

When you are moving you do not have time to wait. When booking Rent The Help you will not be held up with service windows. With Rent The Help you will be given an exact arrival time. Experience goes a long way!

On-Going Support

From the moment you book Rent The Help you will receive constant communication regarding your order. You will be confident in the service you booked and smiling once your team is finished.


Rent The Help has been providing the Greater Richmond area with extra muscle since 2012. In that time, we have assisted over 5,000 customers with moving and labor needs. When customers ask us why they should choose RTH we tell them to read our reviews. Our customer feedback sells our service.  

Our Employees

We hire staff that share the same values as we do. We will turn down orders before we hire someone who does not align with our company’s core values.


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