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 Factors we consider when determining your bill rate.

“What do you charge” is one of the most common questions we get from potential customers and prospects interested in using our services. While we wish we had a clear cut answer for everyone, our pricing can be a little complicated depending on the type of candidates you need us to help you find. We also like to ensure the recruiting process we design fulfills your goals and meets your expectations.

The chart below reviews the key factors our team looks at when determining the rate you will be billed. We do not bill a random rate, we build your rate based on your company’s recruiting goals and position factors. This ensures that you are receiving the best value in the industry.

Position Type & Skill Set Broken down into 3 tiers

Tier 1Entry level positions that require no previous experience.
Tier 2Skilled role such as a forklift operator, machine operator, customer service representative, or order picker.
Tier 3Supervisor level or industry specific roles. This tier also includes any type of driver.

Full Time vs Part Time The position that fits your schedule

Full time positionsAssociates work an average of 32 hours per week.
Part Time positions Day assignments, on-demand openings, & other short term roles that fall below 20 hours per week.

Background & Drug Testing We offer 5 and 10 panel drug tests

Background StandardsDoes your company require staff to meet a set of criminal background standards? If so, we can fulfill the checks and ensure staff meet the provided requirements before placement.
Drug TestingIf a drug test is required, Candidate Source will administer the test before the candidate is submitted. Candidate Source offers 5 and 10 panel drug tests.


Insurance Exposure: Since the employees we are staffing to your business are employees of Candidate Source the worker’s compensation classification can significantly impact the cost.

Conversion Terms: Depending on your business and recruiting goals you may be eligible for our early conversion program. Ask your Sourcing Consultant about this.

Drug testing costs: If your position requires that candidates pass a drug test you will be charged $5 per successful test.