Yard Services

Do you have an area in your yard that has simply gotten away from you? Well, let Rent The Help lend a hand! We can be the workforce for making your yard look brand new! Whether you need help with something as large as mulching your entire yard, or something as small as pulling a couple weeds, we can be your extra set of hands!

We can provide a variety of yard services such as:

  • Attacking overgrown areas 
  • Spring cleaning (Planting flowers/shrubs, mulching, & weeding)
  • Raking (When fall hits and your yard is covered in a blanket of leaves)
  • Mowing (we use your lawn mower of course)
  • Clearing septic fields (Overgrown shrubs that need to go)

By hiring Rent The Help to assist you with your to-do list you can get everything Checked off in half the time! This leaves you with more time to do things you  enjoy! If you have further questions please view our FAQ page.