Other Labor Services

Do you have a project that just has to be completed but you don’t have anyone to help you? Look no further, just call Rent The Help! In addition to the common requests for moving labor & yard related services there are a number of other labor services we can offer our customers so that they can complete their projects in half the time!

We can assist with a number of labor related services:

  • Cleaning dirty patio furniture after a winter in storage
  • Assist with the assembly of a shed, fence, gate, or other small project (WE ASSIST)
  • Party set-up & take-down (sometimes you just need a little help)
  • Hanging holiday decorations 

If you need help with your upcoming project and don’t see your project listed please  contact us directly because there is a good chance we can still lend a hand! There are just  so many different applications for our services it is hard to list them all! 

By hiring Rent The Help to assist you with your to-do list you can get everything checked off in half the time! This leaves you with more time to do things you  enjoy! If you have further questions please view our FAQ page.